Entries display

Display mode

Set which mode is used to display results when doing a quick search or an advanced search :

$results_display_mode = "boxes";  // boxes or table


This parameter doesn’t change display of Directory (table) and Gallery (boxes) menus.

When displaying search results with table mode, columns are made from :

  • $search_result_title and $search_result_items for users

  • $search_result_title and $search_result_group_items for groups


DataTables plugin is used to sort, paginate, filter and print results returned by Quick search, Advanced search and Directory menu.


Enable or disable the DataTables JS component in application :

$use_datatables = true;


Define pagination values in dropdown :

$datatables_page_length_choices = array_(10, 25, 50, 100, -1); // -1 means All

Set default pagination for results (can also be used to force the length without $datatables_page_length_choices) :

$datatables_page_length_default = 10;

Enable or disable autoPrint feature :

$datatables_auto_print = true;

Display results

List which items are shown in result box or in result table :

// for users
$search_result_items = array('mail', 'phone', 'mobile');

// for groups
$search_result_group_items = array('fullname','description');


The items identifiers are those defined in attributes map.

Set which item is used as result box title or as first column in result table :

$search_result_title = "fullname";

Set on which item results are sorted :

$search_result_sortby = "lastname";

List which items are clickable in result (can also be a boolean value) :

// Other possible values :
// true if you want the whole row clickable ;
// false do the same and hide the button in the first column.
$search_result_linkto = array("fullname");

Display or not undefined values :

$search_result_show_undefined = true;

Define bootstrap column class :

$search_result_bootstrap_column_class = "col-md-4";

Truncate values to fit in result box :

$search_result_truncate_value_after = "20";

Truncate title to fit in box head :

$search_result_truncate_title_after = "30";