From tarball


  • php (version 7.4 or higher)

  • php-ldap

  • php-gd

  • Smarty (version 3 or higher)

  • composer

Tarball can be downloaded from LTB project website.

Uncompress and unarchive the tarball:

tar zxvf ltb-project-white-pages-VERSION.tar.gz

Run composer:

cd ltb-project-white-pages-VERSION/
composer update

Install files in /usr/share/white-pages (or wherever you choose):

mv * /usr/share/white-pages

Adapt ownership of Smarty cache repositories so Apache user can write into them. For example:

chown apache:apache /usr/share/white-pages/cache
chown apache:apache /usr/share/white-pages/templates_c

Debian / Ubuntu


You need to install first the package smarty3. If you face the error syntax error, unexpected token "class", try to install a newer version of the package:

# wget

# dpkg -i smarty3_3.1.47-2_all.deb

Import repository key:

curl | gpg --dearmor > /usr/share/keyrings/ltb-project-openldap-archive-keyring.gpg

Configure the repository:

vi /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ltb-project.list
deb [arch=amd64 signed-by=/usr/share/keyrings/ltb-project-openldap-archive-keyring.gpg] stable main

Then update:

apt update

You are now ready to install:

apt install white-pages

CentOS / RedHat


You need to install first the package php-Smarty which is not in official repositories.

Configure the yum repository:

vi /etc/yum.repos.d/ltb-project.repo
name=LTB project packages (noarch)

Then update:

yum update

Import repository key:

rpm --import

You are now ready to install:

yum install white-pages


Prepare a local configuration file for White Pages, for example /home/test/whitepages.conf.php.

Start container, mounting that configuration file:

docker run -p 80:80 \
    -v /home/test/whitepages.conf.php:/var/www/conf/ \

Upgrade Notes

If you upgrade from an older version, read the following instructions:

Version 0.4

  • Parameter $ldap_user_regex is now disbaled by default, means that the object type detection is done with configured LDAP filters.

  • The new map feature is disabled by default, as it requires to request OpenStreetMap API. Check the documentation before enabling it.

Version 0.3

There is a new parameter: $ldap_user_regex.

If the default value does not fit your LDAP directory configuration, you must unset the default value, or adapt it. To unset it, put in your


See also the ldap parameters page.