vCard export

When displaying an entry, it is possible to export it as vCard. If the feature is activated, a new button is displayed under the other information.


The vCard format is a standard, you can get more information here:


Enable or disable this feature :

$use_vcard = true;

vCard parameters

Set the vCard version :

$vcard_version = "4.0";

Configure the file name :

$vcard_file_extension = "vcf";
$vcard_file_identifier = "identifier";

Map the vCard fields to White Pages items (configured in attributes map) :

$vcard_map = array('FN' => 'fullname', 'N' => 'fullname', 'EMAIL' => 'mail', 'CATEGORIES' => 'businesscategory', 'ORG' => 'organization', 'ROLE' => 'employeetype', 'TEL;TYPE=work,voice;VALUE=uri:tel' => 'phone', 'TEL;TYPE=cell,voice;VALUE=uri:tel' => 'mobile', 'UID' => 'identifier');